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La Familia Lavarello en Gibraltar

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Honramos la memoria de nuestros inmigrantes y sus descendientes.

Juan Lavarello Sctiafino
The Founder

Juan Lavarello son of Juan Bautista Lavarello and Benita Sctiafino arrived in Gibraltar on 4 May 1815, from Genoa.

He married Maria Fenochio and they had five (5) childrens: Benedicta, Ángel, Juan Bautista Andrés, Andrés y Juan Bautista Pascual.

The First Generation

Childrens of Juan Lavarello & María Fenochio
The first Lavarello brothers

Benedicta Lavarello Fenochio born in Gibraltar on 21 October 1814, married Jerome Pallicer.

Angel Lavarello Fenochio born in Gibraltar on (date missing), married Orocia Ortelly. They had six (6) childrens.  Juan Napoleón, Emma Eduarda, Eulalia Orosia, Vicente Leopoldo, María Teresa and Orosia Elisa.

Juan Bautista Andres Lavarello Fenochio born in Gibraltar on 13 October 1817, not married.

Andres Lavarello Fenochio born in Gibraltar on 5 November 1818, married Maria Teressa Scandella.

Juan Bautista Pascual Lavarello Fenochio born in Gibraltar on 1 November 1820, not married.

The Second Generation

Childrens of Ángel Lavarello & Orocia Ortelly

Juan Napoleon Lavarello Ortelly born in Gibraltar on 1st December 1856, not married.

Emma Eduarda Lavarello Ortelly born in Gibraltar on 20th June 1858, not married.

Eulalia Orosia Lavarello Ortelly born in Gibraltar on 31st July 1859, not married.

Vincente Leopoldo Lavarello Ortelly born in Gibraltar on 20th May 1861, married Julia Sanchez de Piña. They had seven (7) children.  Juana, George, Orosia, Andrés, Julia, Guillermo and Ángel.

Maria Teresa Lavarello Ortelly born in Gibraltar (date unknown), married Carlos Rugeroni.

Orosia Elisa Lavarello Ortelly born in Gibraltar (date unknown), married Arturo Rugeroni.

The Third Generation

Childrens of Vincente Leopoldo Lavarello & Julia Sánchez de Piña.

Juana Lavarello Sánchez de Piña married Edourd Clarembaux.

George Lavarello Sánchez de Piña married Aida Isola. They had two (2) children: Vivian and Carmen.

Orosia Lavarello Sánchez de Piña married Antonio Alcayne.

Andrés Lavarello Sánchez de Piña married Rosita Isola. Thy had three (3) children: Natalia, Arturo and Edgard John.

Julia Lavarello Sánchez de Piña, not married.

Guillermo Lavarello Sánchez de Piña married Julia Scaniglia. They had two (2) children: Marie and Vincent.

Ángel Lavarello Sánchez de Piña married Mercedes Danino. They had one (1) child: Anna María.

The Fourth Generation
The eight Cousins.

Children of George and Aida:

  • Vivian Lavarello Isola, married Louis Canessa. Had three (3) children; John, Anne and Catherine.
  • Carmen Lavarello Isola, married Paul Garbarino. Had three (3) children; Jimmy, Louise and Maddy.

Children of Andrés and Rosita:

  • Natalia Lavarello Isola, married Agusto Felipes. Had no children.
  • Arturo Lavarello Isola, maried Emily Abrines. Had three (3) children; Andrew, Natalia and Joanna.
  • Edgar John Lavarello Isola, married Giselle Schembri. Had three (3) children; Edgar Charles, Nadine Gabriella and Charles Arthur.

Children of Guillermo and Julia:

  • Marie Lavarello Scaniglia, not married.
  • Vincent Lavarello Scaniglia, not married.

Children of Ángel and Mercedes:

  • Anna María Lavarello Danino, married Charles Rugeroni. Had one (3) children; Charles, Cecile and Richard.

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The Fifth Generation

The six Cousins and eight Second Cousins

Children of Arturo and Emily:

  • Andrew Lavarello Abrines (born 1960) insurance broker currently working and living in London, married Tammy. They have two (2) children; Alexander and Marina.
  • Natalia Lavarello Abrines (born 1962) married Spencer Chapman. They have two (2) children; Oliver and Edward. They all live in the UK.
  • Joanna Lavarello Abrines (born 1964) married Mark Carreras. They have one child; Amanda. Joanna and Amanda live in the UK.

Children of Edgar John and Giselle:

  • Edgar Charles Lavarello Schembri (born 3 Juy 1963) a chartered accountant, married Gaynor Tomlinson (born 25 February 1965). Edgar is a partner in a firm of accountants in Gibraltar. They have two (2) children; Emma Laura and William Andrew.
  • Nadine Lavarello Schembri (born 24 June 1965) married Richard Bell-Young. They have one (1) child; Nicholas Richard.
  • Charles Arthur Lavarello Schembri (born 5 February 1967) a barrister-at-law, married Rosanna Wahnon. Charles is a partner in a firm of lawyers in Gibraltar. They have one (1) child James Charles.

Children of Vivian and Louis:

  • John Canessa Lavarello (born ...) married ... They have four (4) children. They all live in the UK.
  • Anne Canessa Lavarello (born ...) married ... They have two (2) children; Catarina and Thomas. They live in Gibraltar.
  • Catherine Canessa Lavarello (born...). She lives in Gibraltar.

Children of Carmen and Paul:

  • Jimmy Garbarino Lavarello (born ...) married Paloma Cruz. They have two (2) children; ... and ... They live in Gibraltar.
  • Louise Garbarino Lavarello (born ...). She lives in Gibraltar.
  • Maddy Garbarino Lavarello (born ...) married ... They have (..) children. They all live in the UK.

Children of Anna Maria and Charles

  • Charles Rugeroni Lavarello (born ...) married with Hilary Tweddle. They have two (2) children: Anna Rugeroni Tweddle and Guy Rugeroni Tweddle. They live in England.
  • Cecile Rugeroni Lavarello (born ...) married with Salvador Posso. They have two (2) children: Loiuse Rugeroni Posso and Jeremy Rugeroni Posso. They live in England.
  • Richard Rugeroni Lavarello (born ...) casado con Michelle Bossano. Ellos tienen dos (2) hijos: Carla Rugeroni Bossano y Michael Rugeroni Bossano. Ellos viven en Gibraltar.

The Sixth Generation

The nine Cousins and Second Cousins

Children of Andrew and Tammy:

  • Alexander Lavarello
  • Marina Lavarello

Children of Edgar and Gaynor:

  • Emma Lavarello Tomlinson, born 29 November 1992.
  • William Lavarello Tomlinson, born 20 december 1995.

Children of Charles and Rosanna

  • James Lavarello Wahnon, born November 1998

Children of Nadine and Richard:

  • Nicholas Richard Bell-Young Lavarello, born January 1987.

Children of Natalia and Spencer:

  • Oliver Chapman Lavarello
  • Edward Chapman Lavarello

Children of Joanna and Mark:

  • Amanda Carreras Lavarello

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